Product information

  • Species 
    Wheat crackers
  • Net weight 
    100g (25g x 4 packs)
  • Energy 
    491kcal /100g
  • Highlights 
    Rich in Calcium, Vitamin D, with added potatoes
  • Ingredient 
    Wheat flour (60%), vegetable oil (palm oil), shortening (palm oil), sugar, malt, butter substitute, whey powder, calcium carbonate (170i), raising agent (ammonium hydrogen carbonate (503ii) ), sodium hydrogen carbonate (500ii)), salt, glutinous rice flour, fiber, potato flakes, cheese powder, yeast, acidity regulator (dinatri diphosphate (450i)), flour treatment agent (protease enzyme (1101i) ), sodium metabisulfite (223)), synthetic food coloring (beta-carotene (160ai)), vitamin D.
  • Fit 
    Children 24 months and older
  • Uses 
    Products with added calcium and vitamin D - support strong bones and better absorption of calcium
  • Preservation 
    Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight
  • Note 
    Product contains flour, milk and soy và
  • Trademark 
    AFC (Vietnam)
  • Made in